Rules and regulations
►Students must be neat and tidy. Cleanliness in person and clothes is expected of every student
►The school premises should be kept neat and tidy.
►It is the personal duty of the students to keep their classrooms absolutely clean.
►Morning assembly is compulsory for all. All the students should reach the school before the first bell.
►Habitual negligence in school work and indifference to school rules will be viewed seriously.
►Discourtesy towards teachers or non teaching staff member will incur severe disciplinary action.
►No student should leave the school without the permission of the Principal.
►Students of one class are not allowed to enter other class rooms without the permission of the concerned teacher.
►Every student must bring the school diary to the class daily.
►Students suffering from contagious or highly infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school.
►In the case of a long leave due to illness, leave application should be submitted along with a proper medical certificate.
►Regular attendance is compulsory. The minimum attendance required by a student to appear for the annual examination is 85%.
►If a student is absent continuously for more than two weeks, without prior permission, his/ her name will be removed from the roll.
►Prescribed fees should be paid on time. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
►Costly and fancy ornaments / items should not be worn or brought to the school.
►Exemption from attendance in examinations and test papers will be granted only by the principal.
►Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings
►Visitors are not allowed during class hours.
►Parents are not allowed to meet teachers when they are in class. Parents desirous of meeting the students or teachers should contact the office for necessary guidance and help.
►To discuss the progress of their children, parents may meet the teachers with prior appointment through principal on any working day.
►Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, walkman etc are strictly prohibited in the school and will be confiscated if found in the possession of students.
►Switch off lights and fans while going out of the classroom.
►Put the waste properly in the waste basket provided.
►Water is precious. Do not waste it.
►Silence is to be observed in the library. Marking, cutting and erasing of the pages of library books and periodicals will be viewed seriously.