Dear Staff, Students, Parents and well wishers,

I am extremely happy to witness a lot of growth and development in our school. Our school has taken a great leap in the quality of education. The school calls for an applause as it has started leveraging technology with the induction of smart boards and other aids. Teachers and students are empowered with skills and understanding to thrive in an interactive and information rich learning environment through enhanced technology.
I encourage all our teachers and staff to continue working hard for the growth of our school. We need to take special care of the weaker students and the poor and equip them with learning skills and support them financially.
I wish you successful service in your forthcoming years. I express my heartfelt gratitude for all your support and care during the last years. May God in his goodness bless and be with you and your families.
With prayerful support and love,

Fr.Tomichan Kollarettu,Bursar